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Zak Chen

Computer Science Bachelor - National Taiwan Ocean University



Fazz Financial Group

Senior Engineer Manager (October 2022 – Present)
  • Leading the Trust and Safety department to ensure user login, identification, and fraud activity censorship for Fazz products globally.
  • Delivering fast-paced solutions for Fazz products across multiple countries, handling millions of transactions and users monthly.
  • Prioritizing user security through advanced identification processes and robust fraud detection techniques.
  • Collaborating with product, operations, and compliance teams to align trust and safety objectives.
  • Providing strategic guidance and fostering innovation within engineering teams for continuous improvement.
Key Achievements:
Fraud Platform Service
The service includes fraud activity prediction, data modeling, data ingestion, and fraud control rule management. This service has been integrated with several products like FazzAgen and Modal Rakyat, with more under development.
Auth Service
The Auth Service provides OAuth 2.0 authentication and Open Policy Agent authorization solutions for all products in Fazz. All users must register and undergo Auth service's censorship to protect genuine users.
KYC/KYB Service
The Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Business (KYB) service conducts advanced vendor-based face-matching, document recognition, and user database checks to ensure genuine users can access the Fazz financial system.


Agile Coach / Senior Developer (November 2021 – October 2022)
  • Developed an enterprise data warehousing solution on top of Clickhouse.
  • Created native ANSI SQL support for ByteHouse.
  • Built an Agile culture within the department and mentored and led development cycles.
  • Developed the metadata service in Data Warehousing Product ByteHouse.
Key Achievements:
Bytehouse Metadata Service
Designed and drove the development of the metadata API in Bytehouse, a multi-tenant, multi-partner integratable solution on top of Clickhouse.
Dataset Automator
The Dataset Automator is a horizontally scalable service capable of generating terabytes of test data inside pipelines.


Data Team Lead (January 2019 – October 2021)
  • Built and maintained data pipelines that generated over 300 GB of data.
  • Provided leadership and inspiration to team members.
  • Developed a Keyword-Based user interest pipeline that generated billions of cookies per day.
  • Setup, monitored, and ran operations for more than 1000+ instances over 20+ services.
  • Worked on solution architecting for AI data pipelines and led the development process of data pipelines.
  • Coached Agile Process over several teams.
Key Achievements:
WebKIT (Web Keyword, Interest, Topic)
The WebKIT pipeline tags keywords on billions of cookies across 12 regions every day on Spark-job based infrastructure, used for AI prediction, user segmentation, and advertisement campaigns. The service included a Cassandra cluster with ~300 GB throughput per day.
Demographic Pipeline
The demographic pipeline generated gender, age, and geolocation data over billions of cookies and involved 12 sub-attribution pipelines. It ran on Airflow.
Web Crawler service
Designed and maintained a web crawler that served 10+ million requests for crawling, caching, and proxy service management.
Full Stack Engineer (June 2015 – January 2016)
  • Designed API data flow and defined components.
  • Set up stable API build environments.
  • Contributed to RoR projects.
Key Achievements:
Product HIVE Service
Designed a system to import product data from partners every day, critical for the business's reliance on an updated product database.


Lead Engineer (April 2018 – January 2019)
  • Mentored and led a medium-sized team of developers (5-7).
  • Led the development process.
  • Handled DevOps for on-premise applications.
  • Provided guidance to other team members with system architectural advice.
Key Achievements:
Key Client Solution Architecting
Deployed Evie to key clients, such as those related to government and banks, to design the infrastructure and private cloud arrangements.


Squad Technical Leader (February 2016 – April 2018)
  • Managed technical development progress.
  • Participated in business-level feature/solution design and implementation.
  • Reviewed and maintained the code base.
  • Controlled risks and technical debts.
Key Achievements:
Product Data Center System
Built a system for receiving external data sources and internal product information editing. It crawled external websites and parsed useful product/hierarchy lists for business usage and leverage.
Full Stack Engineer (June 2015 – January 2016)
  • Generated innovative ideas in web design.
  • Conducted new web technique research.
  • Created a website engineering framework.
Key Achievements:
PHP MVC Model Framework
Implemented components to be business valuable parts of the framework.


Full Stack Engineer (April 2014 – June 2015)
  • Understood project requirements and implemented features.
  • Conducted system architecture analysis and design.
  • Arranged tasks and negotiated with team members.
  • Provided solutions and troubleshooting.
  • Excelled in Go language.
Key Achievements:
Continual Development for Long-term Project
Worked on a complex project, implementing new features and refactoring for performance. Collaborated with other team members located in the US.
Customized Cloud Computing
Implemented protocol-level functions for translation between different machines provided by different manufacturers.

Summers Advertising

Technique Director (January 2012 – April 2014)
  • Applied advanced web techniques in projects.
  • Designed complex systems, estimated, and conducted tests.
  • Conducted a total system architecture survey.
  • Arranged development tasks and managed project schedules.
Key Achievements:
  • Introduced Ruby on Rails to Summers Advertising, becoming a key value contributor to the company.
  • Supported Microsoft's sales department in Taiwan to implement a Windows 8 application event. Developed and directed the application named "青春台灣食玩誌". [Link](http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/zh-tw/app/4745ef6e-9b32-4322-a613-1215dce3255b)
Web Developer (November 2010 – January 2012)
  • Created innovative ideas in web design.
  • Conducted research on new web techniques.
  • Developed a website engineering framework.
Key Achievements:
  • Developed a PHP MVC model framework.
  • Implemented components to be valuable parts of the business.

Bamboocat Digital - PHPBB’s Traditional Chinese supporter

Project Engineer (July 2009 – August 2010)
  • Engineered website projects.
  • Analyzed custom requests.
  • Proposed website planning solutions.
Key Achievement:
The EAR system is the event record system that records emergency events or accidents in fabs or machines. Overcame problems like cross-fab or cross-department authentication. This system has 7-stage approval and many types of formulas.