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Zak Chen

Computer Science Bachelor - National Taiwan Ocean University



Fazz Financial Group

Xfers / StraitsX
Head of Platform Engineering & Cybersecurity(October 2022 – Present)
  • Leading the departments to cover trust and safety, risk accessment, and compliance for Fazz products globally.
  • Delivering fast-paced solutions for Fazz products across multiple countries, handling millions of transactions and users monthly.
  • Influence Fazz engineering department those making policy and guidelines include tech governance, defining competency matrix, and OKR process.
  • Collaborating with product, operations, and compliance teams to align trust and safety objectives.
  • Providing strategic guidance and fostering innovation within engineering teams for continuous improvement.
Key Achievements:
Trust and Safety
Fazz offers a robust suite of fraud prevention and user authentication services, highlighted by our Fraud Platform, Auth, and KYC/KYB capabilities. These services ensure the integrity and security of our platform. By seamlessly integrating fraud prediction, data modeling, OAuth 2.0 authentication, and advanced KYC/KYB checks, I serve as the frontline of security. My role is to safeguard genuine users and uphold the highest standards of trust and safety across all Fazz products, utilizing AWS AI-based solutions.
Agile Coach
As an Agile Coach, I guide individual teams in embracing agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban. By standardizing developer output and maximizing user satisfaction, we enhance efficiency and deliver high-quality products that meet user needs.
Tech Governance
Responsible for establishing universal policies for Fazz's tech stack, including programming languages, databases, frameworks, and regulations for open-source projects. By ensuring adherence to these standards across the engineering department, we promote consistency and efficiency in our development processes.


Agile Coach / Senior Developer (November 2021 – October 2022)
  • Developed an enterprise data warehousing solution on top of Clickhouse.
  • Created native ANSI SQL support for ByteHouse.
  • Built an Agile culture within the department and mentored and led development cycles.
  • Developed the metadata service in Data Warehousing Product ByteHouse.
Key Achievements:
Bytehouse Metadata Service
Designed and drove the development of the metadata API in Bytehouse, a multi-tenant, multi-partner integratable solution on top of Clickhouse.
Dataset Automator
The Dataset Automator is a horizontally scalable service capable of generating terabytes of test data inside pipelines.


Data Team Lead (January 2019 – October 2021)
  • Built and maintained data pipelines that generated over 300 GB of data.
  • Provided leadership and inspiration to team members.
  • Developed a Keyword-Based user interest pipeline that generated billions of cookies per day.
  • Setup, monitored, and ran operations for more than 1000+ instances over 20+ services.
  • Worked on solution architecting for AI data pipelines and led the development process of data pipelines.
  • Coached Agile Process over several teams.
Key Achievements:
WebKIT (Web Keyword, Interest, Topic)
The WebKIT pipeline tags keywords on billions of cookies across 12 regions every day on Spark-job based infrastructure, used for AI prediction, user segmentation, and advertisement campaigns. The service included a Cassandra cluster with ~300 GB throughput per day.
Demographic Pipeline
The demographic pipeline generated gender, age, and geolocation data over billions of cookies and involved 12 sub-attribution pipelines. It ran on Airflow.
Web Crawler service
Designed and maintained a web crawler that served 10+ million requests for crawling, caching, and proxy service management.
Full Stack Engineer (June 2015 – January 2016)
  • Designed API data flow and defined components.
  • Set up stable API build environments.
  • Contributed to RoR projects.
Key Achievements:
Product HIVE Service
Designed a system to import product data from partners every day, critical for the business's reliance on an updated product database.


Lead Engineer (April 2018 – January 2019)
  • Mentored and led a medium-sized team of developers (5-7).
  • Led the development process.
  • Handled DevOps for on-premise applications.
  • Provided guidance to other team members with system architectural advice.
Key Achievements:
Key Client Solution Architecting
Deployed Evie to key clients, such as those related to government and banks, to design the infrastructure and private cloud arrangements.


Squad Technical Leader (February 2016 – April 2018)
  • Managed technical development progress.
  • Participated in business-level feature/solution design and implementation.
  • Reviewed and maintained the code base.
  • Controlled risks and technical debts.
Key Achievements:
Product Data Center System
Built a system for receiving external data sources and internal product information editing. It crawled external websites and parsed useful product/hierarchy lists for business usage and leverage.
Full Stack Engineer (June 2015 – January 2016)
  • Generated innovative ideas in web design.
  • Conducted new web technique research.
  • Created a website engineering framework.
Key Achievements:
PHP MVC Model Framework
Implemented components to be business valuable parts of the framework.


Full Stack Engineer (April 2014 – June 2015)
  • Understood project requirements and implemented features.
  • Conducted system architecture analysis and design.
  • Arranged tasks and negotiated with team members.
  • Provided solutions and troubleshooting.
  • Excelled in Go language.
Key Achievements:
Continual Development for Long-term Project
Worked on a complex project, implementing new features and refactoring for performance. Collaborated with other team members located in the US.
Customized Cloud Computing
Implemented protocol-level functions for translation between different machines provided by different manufacturers.

Summers Advertising

Technique Director (January 2012 – April 2014)
  • Applied advanced web techniques in projects.
  • Designed complex systems, estimated, and conducted tests.
  • Conducted a total system architecture survey.
  • Arranged development tasks and managed project schedules.
Key Achievements:
  • Introduced Ruby on Rails to Summers Advertising, becoming a key value contributor to the company.
  • Supported Microsoft's sales department in Taiwan to implement a Windows 8 application event. Developed and directed the application named "青春台灣食玩誌". [Link](http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/zh-tw/app/4745ef6e-9b32-4322-a613-1215dce3255b)
Web Developer (November 2010 – January 2012)
  • Created innovative ideas in web design.
  • Conducted research on new web techniques.
  • Developed a website engineering framework.
Key Achievements:
  • Developed a PHP MVC model framework.
  • Implemented components to be valuable parts of the business.

Bamboocat Digital - PHPBB’s Traditional Chinese supporter

Project Engineer (July 2009 – August 2010)
  • Engineered website projects.
  • Analyzed custom requests.
  • Proposed website planning solutions.
Key Achievement:
The EAR system is the event record system that records emergency events or accidents in fabs or machines. Overcame problems like cross-fab or cross-department authentication. This system has 7-stage approval and many types of formulas.